About CraneSafe

The mobile crane industry initiated a voluntary crane assessment program throughout Australia. Developed in consultation with the mobile crane industry as a whole, the program aims to augment existing safety standards with annual assessments of mobile cranes now being made by CraneSafe (a division of The Crane Industry Council of Australia).

The CraneSafe assessment program provides crane owners and operators with a:

  • process for third party assessment of safety aspects of their cranes
  • common, industry-wide system for assessment of their cranes
  • single method by which crane operators, owners, manufacturers, suppliers, designers and importers may fulfill their relevant duty of care obligations under the State Occupational Health and Safety Acts (OH&S). 

The CraneSafe assessment program is voluntary, however crane owners and users have a duty of care obligation under individual State OH&S (Plant) Regulations to ensure that their cranes are in a safe condition. Click here to download the  CraneSafe flyer.